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I Love You to Pieces

I Love You to Pieces

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I love you to pieces,

with all of my heart,

and I would still love you

if you fell apart."

Unconditional love means love in the midst of change and despite challenges... just like in this silly tale of adversity, problem-solving, and replacement parts.

Is this a children's book? Sure.
Is it for older people? Yep!

That's just how love works. It's for everyone!


Gibble is a little green character who loses some of his parts and pieces which are conveniently replaced by the narrator with oddball everyday items -- all which make a little sense if you're willing to stretch past normal right into silliness! The point being made is that unconditional love doesn't rely on physical attributes.


Pssst! It's not just for kids! This is also a funny book as a gift for a middle-aged birthday or anniversary to your special person!
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